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Senin, 26 Januari 2009

Frog Anatomy

Frogs have a very interesting anatomy. They have highly specialized structures, such as a long, sticky tongue which they use to capture food. The anatomical structures of the bones in their upper and hind legs are also highly specialized for jumping and leaping.

They have other structures however, that appear useless. Their weak teeth is an example of this.

Frogs breathe through their skin when underwater. Oxygen in the water can pass through their porous skin and go directly to the blood. They also have a pair of lungs that allow them to breathe when on land.

Frogs have a three-chambered heart with two atria and one ventricle. A valve within the heart, called the spiral valve, directs the flow of blood to prevent oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood from mixing.

Frogs have a highly developed sense of hearing. They can detect high-pitched sounds with their ears and low-pitched sounds through their skin.

They also have a highly developed sense of sight and smell. Frogs can detect predators and prey using their large eyes that protrude from their head. They use their keen sense of smell to detect chemical signals that help them identify potential food.


Frog Anatomy Images

Image credit: Jon C. Glase. Used with permission.
Frog Oral Cavity

a. Esophagus opening
b. Vomerine teeth
1. Grove of the maxilla
2. Maxillary teeth
3. Internal nare
4. Eye ball
5. Eustachian tube opening
6. Jaw ridge
7. Underside of the tongue
8. Glottis
9. Cut muscle and bone

Image credit: Jon C. Glase. Used with permission.
Female Frog Internal Anatomy

1. Liver lobes
2. Heart
3. Ovary with eggs
4. Gall bladder
5. Small intestine
6. Stomach
7. Oviduct

Image credit: Jon C. Glase. Used with permission.
Male Frog Internal Anatomy

a. Large intestine

b. Small intestine

1. Lung lobes

2. Heart

3. Liver lobes

4. Gall bladder

5. Stomach

6. Small intestine

7. Testis

8. Fat body

9. Urinary bladder

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